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Swagelok Danmark

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Our Values

Values, Vision and Mission

Swagelok was founded in 1947 and is run according to a strong set of values that live on today amongst all associates and distributors globally. Since 1947, the six basic values of Swagelok have been:

Customer focus: Creating value for both customers and for Swagelok.

Integrity: Doing the right thing with courage and character.

Quality: High values and performance in our products, processes and services.

Continuous improvement: Systematically and consistently improving the way things are done.

Respect: Being dedicated to the success of each single employee through a culture based on trust, respect and fairness.

Innovation: Challenging conventional knowledge in order to provide the customer with added value.

These values support Swagelok’s vision:

We really want to understand our customers’ needs and act accordingly.

And they support Swagelok’s mission:
Swagelok Danmark wants to add value and be our stakeholders’ “First Choice”. We want to react faster to customer needs and changes in the surrounding world. Swagelok's prime objective for all departments at all levels in the entire world is "Zero Customer Disappointments". Simply put, this means that the customer must never be disappointed by Swagelok’s products or services.

At Swagelok Danmark we have created our own fundamental story based on Swagelok’s overall values, vision and mission. We call it A fitting purpose:

We believe in tight connections. It is what we deliver, and it is crucial for our ability to deliver. Tight connections foster safety and security, and it is the foundation upon which we continuously improve and develop our solutions, each other, and our customer relationships.

We supply tight connections in components such as fittings, hoses, tubes and valves. In systems that transports fluids under the most extreme conditions. From the ocean floor to the skies above. This is only possible thanks to close and tight connections between our associates and with our customers, suppliers, and distributors worldwide.

We go to work every day with the ambition to perform a little bit better, than we did yesterday. That is how we evolve, and that is how we continuously increase the value we add to our customers. At Swagelok we don’t just live up to the standard for tight connections - we set the standard. That has been the case since 1947. And it still is. Because even the best can always be improved.