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Industrial Sampling Systems Book

Industrial Sampling Systems Book

Process analysis requires thorough technical insight and understanding and The Industrial Sampling Systems Book is considered by many to be the bible in this field. With more than 50 years of experience, the book's author Tony Waters is considered by many to be the leading expert in design and analysis systems. He is, without doubt, a man you always listen to, not merely because errors within process analysis are always costly but also even dangerous at times. Precision, training and experience is required to avoid them.

The Industrial Sampling Systems Book includes theory and numerous references and examples which makes it a valuable reference book for anybody working with analysis systems and process analysis. The book contains invaluable knowledge for all levels of experience and expertise and is relevant for:

•    Engineers
•    Designers
•    Technicians
•    Students
If you would like more information on how The Industrial Sampling Systems Book (MS-02-469) can add value to your company, your systems and your work please contact us on or on +45 76 12 19 50.